Mission: Take Care

Let’s get started! Tomorrow starts my first day on the Atkin’s 20 diet. This basically means that I will be aiming to keep my carbohydrate intake under 20 grams/day, eating a select variety of vegetables and as much protein & fats as I want. I have been working with a kinesiologist (a holistic doctor, basically) for six months, and after running blood tests, we found out that I am on a path to becoming insulin resistant (my resting blood sugar levels were 17.9, when the normal range should be 2.0 – 5.0)! Yeah, that’s a problem. I also have candida overgrowth, which is a fungus related to intense sugar cravings, changes in neurology, increase in fat storage, acne, decreased mental focus & clarity, among other side effects. So needless to say, some changes need to be made! I aim to be 100% open & honest throughout this entire process, talking about food intake & cravings, some nutrition education, and my unedited thoughts throughout this process. I appreciate your feedback, respect, and kindness throughout this process! And so tomorrow begins the process of actively loving myself in the pursuit of promoting health as a lifestyle.


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