Day 2: Stayin’ True!

Woohoo! Today’s net carb total: 13 carbs! AND I made a new blog friend who’s been through Atkins & is considering starting again so we can be a support system for each other! #LeanOnMe 🙂 I was surprised with how little my stomach needed to eat, & the long-lasting fullness that stayed with me throughout the day! I think my relationship with lecithin is starting to improve, where my body is able to actually listen to when it is full instead of needing to make that decision consciously. #progress And I’ve definitely found that keeping busy helps. For one, I’m not sitting around waiting for my next meal. That’s been something that I’ve tried to be mindful of, because I don’t want to become so obsessive around this that things could manifest into some type of eating disorder. I like to have structure & control, but not to the point that I drive myself to stake my entire self-worth on it! Random book recommendation: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton is a book that was incredibly vulnerable & insightful about dealing with low sense of self-worth as well as going through an eating disorder herself, so I would definitely recommend you read it when you get a chance! (I finished it in 4 days, no joke!) Actually, this book is what inspired me in researching the relationship between self-worth & overcoming food addiction/disordered eating behaviors for my Honors Thesis!

On another note, in the effort of being completely open, I struggled today with wanting to emotional eat some sweets. It was after a volunteer event that I had going on for my Psychology Honors Society (Psi Chi), and I just felt overwhelmed & like I needed something to take the edge off. I sat in my parking space for about 15 minutes just trying to wait out the feeling, and I was sure glad that I did not bring my wallet with me! It’s sad that I have to resort to those measures, that I can’t quite trust myself, b/c I feel like there are two people within me fighting: the adult who wants what is best for me, and the toddler that wants to have her own way. But I am so glad to say that I allowed myself to think it through & instead I chose to eat a granola bar when I got home. These baby steps feel like one giant leap for each hurdle, but I’m just glad that I’m giving more & more responsibility to the adult in me… I just hope that those two can make peace sometime soon. But in the meantime, here’s my food log of the day!

Breakfast: 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 1 Tbsp Chia seeds, 1 handful sliced almonds (This is actually quite filling! I’m sure the 2-3 cups of water in the morning also helps.)

Lunch: 2 slices turkey w/ 1.5 Tbsp Kerrygold Irish butter (I’m trying to get create in introducing more fats into my diet, this actually was pretty darn good!), 2 cups spinach (Holy Fiber!), 1/2 cup sliced zucchini & squash, 4 slices of cucumber

Snack: Cookies & Cream Atkins protein shake

Dinner: 3 chicken kabobs (8 oz.?), 1.5 cups spinach (I had strawberries too, but I wasn’t sure if they were allowed during the induction phase. Also I had grabbed dinner To-Go since I had the volunteer event during dinner time, so I didn’t get around to eating them. Sad day.)

Snack: Atkins Mocha Almond Bar

Water: 13 cups



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