Day 7: Melancholy Celebration

I thought this was supposed to make me happy. To do something with raising my serotonin levels or something. It’s been one week (woohoo!), but I’m starting to really feel down in the dumps. I sure hope that this is just me still going through the sugar withdrawals! It sucks so bad, because every friggin time I go down to the water fountain to fill up by water bottle, it is RIGHT SMACK DAB next to the vending machines!! Those used to be my “happy place,” my place of solace. And now I am frantically searching through Netflix, trying to find a show/movie to take things off my mind, looking just for an hour so that I can get some decent sleep tonight, yet unwilling to make a season (+) commitment. I’m just desperate to find something to take my mind off of this! I chewed off my nails, something I promised myself I wouldn’t do anymore. I wonder if that was retaliation to myself. But I underestimated the severity of this struggle. I could really use some support right now. Any tips you have or words of encouragement would come incredibly handy right now! ❤


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