Day 22: Gains Made to Maintain

RESULTS ARE BACK!!! (Stay Tuned…)

Hey y’all! I promise that I haven’t dropped off of the face of the earth, even though it may seem like it. After posting daily for almost a week at the beginning of this journey, I realized that I was becoming more and more obsessed with food, the results, and became increasingly frustrated with my slow progress. Thankfully this decision to take a step back has proved almost cathartic for me and has allowed me to decrease the loads of time I had spent dedicated towards it at the beginning.

But YAY FOR 3 WEEKS COMPLETE! This is pretty darn exciting. And….. it’s working!!! I went in to the doctor last week & it showed I had lost 9 pounds! And my fat counts are down. But here, I’ll just include everything now:

My weight as of April 7th was 199 lbs., my Body Fat percentage is now (42.4%) 84.4 (that’s 6.1 less than before!), Lean Dry Mass is (26.4%) 30.3 (I’m staying steady!), and Total Body Water is (42.4%) 84.3. I’m not exactly sure as to the significance of that last number, as it seems to have gone up a slight bit in percentage but lost a point or so in number, but I’m happy with it!

Today I did Yin Yoga & Meditation that was a special class in opening/engaging our 7 chakras. It was wonderful! I sure wish I had more motivation to do more active things, but you know, it’s one step at a time! I’ve also been working on trying to shift this paradigm in my head of this being a journey for my health instead of this being a ‘weight loss’ journey. It’s tough, as much as I try to ignore the role that my weight has played in my life! But I’m happy to say that I have bought a semi-revealing swimsuit, and I am ecstatic to wear it and pull it off in my own skin, where I’m at NOW, not putting it off until ‘the perfect weight/body’ goal. Again, PROGRESS!

I guess as much as this momentum has been successful so far, I just really want to get back to what I would usually eat. And that sucks, because I know that going back that road after making all of this progress will put me right back where I started. But I also know that I will miss the ‘good foods,’ like Doritos!!!! Maybe I can look into a recipe to make them my way instead! #compromise . There’s the very real possibility that I could be doing this for a good six months or so, so I guess I better just make the best of it while I still can! I would sure welcome any encouragement or advice you would have for me! ❤


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